X3Dom format


Planets will not work on IE8 or older, even with the plugin below
Requires IE10 (9 maybe) or newer.

Flask, Origin: Moustiers-Sainte Marie, 19th century

A Pineapple

Web spiders

Shirley's cup model (c) 2013 Shirley Nelson

Hyper sonic craft models

A ball and a monkey head

Kelp Forest Exhibit

Download link for Web GL extension for internet explorer 9 or older
(needed for the X3Dom files on older browsers)

Macintoshes do not need any plugin for X3Dom format and IE10 or newer also supports this natively

VRML format

Web spiders as a VRML file

Hyper sonic craft models as a VRML file

Download link for VRML extension for internet explorer.